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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Blog Update: 27/04/15 [New Forum, New Buttons]

It's been a while since I fiddled with the ye 'ole HTML of this blog, so I thought I would create some additions. Personally, I was all for a ten person jacuzzi, an extra level on the house and maybe a SEGA Saturn but the finance department said no. A man can dream, I guess.

Pictured: said finance department.
Item 1: Buttons

Ah, glorious buttons. If it's just one thing I want to wakeup and look at every morning, it's some really nice buttons. I've been dreaming about some nice buttons for a while now, and the time has finally come. Next to where the 'Home' and 'About' buttons usually reside, are three new residents. The first two aren't actually that special at all, but in-fact handy links to all posts based around the only two consistent categories this blog as ever known. Clicking on 'Reviews' will show all the reviews, and clicking 'Retro Scans' will of course show all the retro scans. Quite self-explanatory really. The third one, labelled 'Forum' however, brings us to our next item...

Item 2: Forum

Yes, Retro Game On now has a forum... sorta. I've always liked the idea of running a forum based around retro gaming using the Retro Game On moniker, but that of course would never really take off considering my current size. I think it would likely be a very lonely forum.

There use to be a Australian based retro forum called RetroConsole, but alas, the admins did not care and the place was under-maintained (while still being fairly busy because of its regular members). One day, all the posts on RetroConsole disappeared. Since this was close to April Fools Day, everyone thought this might of been some sort of lame prank. But after a week or so none of the posts re-emerged, and it was agreed that a new forum should be started. One of the original members created and now admins a forum called RetroAus, and would you believe it? He gave me my own forum. What a legend.
That button will of course take you to my own sub-forum, but I recommend you check out the rest and register as it's a quite a fast growing community. I've made a short video detailing it, so check it out below:

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