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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Birthday Presents & Retro Game On in 2015

Christmas? CHRISTMAS? Pfft. It's not Christmas until my birthday has come and gone, but luckily for consumers and Christians alike, that faithful day is done with for another year.
I constantly preach the word of retro to anyone with opposing ears. One of those poor souls is my long suffering girlfriend, and to shut me up for a while she took me down to the local friendly retro gaming store (Player [1]) and let me pick out some games (which I should add, now includes a funky vinyl section). Like every time I've been there so far, I've left grinning ear to ear. Luckily for me this time though, I didn't have to pay for anything. If that's not living the good life, then I have no idea what it.
That day scored me Sega Rally Championship 2 on the Dreamcast (a Japanese copy no less) Ecco the Motherflipping Dolphin on Mega Drive (geddit?) and Blazing Skies on SNES (I don't have anything worth writing about between these brackets). They all work of course, with maybe only Blazing Skies requiring an external clean. Who am I kidding though? I always plan on doing that and always laze out. Cart cleaning is for people way more successful at life than I.
Who knows though, I might clean it for its inevitable review for the money shot at the start of the video, but I'm making absolutely no promises.

Now, as you may have guessed it's quite late in the year. As of writing we're balls-deep in December, which may very well mean this is the last post of 2014. Sadly I haven't been able to post much this month, as December is always hectic for me in-between finishing off whatever I've been studying that year, having my birthday, working a retail job that's always crazy this time of year and then Christmas. I won't make any more excuses, but I'll just add that there probably won't be anything new on the YouTube channel until the new year too.
I guess I should probably make an announcement for the people not sexy enough to follow this blog also, but honestly I'm looking forward to putting the camera down and having a break. I love making videos, I love them more than my cat, but I just need a rest. That time will be used efficiently to re-coup, reflect and think up awesome content for awesome people in 2015. At first I was reluctant to leave my Constructive Criticism video as the last for the year, but I think that actually may be for the best. Having said that too, it just occurred to me that I never posted it here. Let me elaborate.
Basically, within the last couple of months I've had a bit of a drop in subscribers. I understand that this is a natural (nearly organic) thing, but the drop did feel a bit too steep, so I thought I would take the opportunity to ask the community for some constructive criticism. The thing is, I very rarely get told what I could improve on. Everyone who watches my videos are just too darn nice, so by asking directly I received some great feedback. If you want to watch that and give me some too, then please feel free. I'll embed the video at the bottom of this post, but you can leave the feedback either here, or on Facebook or Twitter. I'll read it all.
Leaving the year with that video will give me plenty to think about over the break, but I can't wait to get back into it. It's going to be great.

If I don't see you until next year though, then Merry Christmas (or whatever you beliefs may be) and have a fun and safe new year. Don't drink and drive, be nice to your Mum and be sure to wear clean underwear every day. Retro Game On out.

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  1. Hi,
    I'm really sorry for the delay with the parcel, but a few of the discs have to be repaired (fucking scratches lol), and a few were just hard to dig out from their hiding places. You should be receiving it in early Jan all being well.

    Anyway, have a good Christmas mate, and don't drink too much! :P

  2. I too have seen my share of subscriber drops on my channel. Many Youtube watchers like to see new content at least twice a week. I know first-hand how difficult it can be to manage a full time job, home life, and somehow be able to find time to make videos. However, your video production quality is great, so you definitely should not sacrifice that just to make a few extra videos a week.

    1. Thank you :) And I don't plan to. There are plenty of channels working full time churning out video's every couple of days. If they want that, then they should follow those channels instead.

  3. Sporadic content leads to less subscribers. I have watched your stuff since its inception. There was a long drought of new material and I stopped checking for awhile. I love what you do and am a fan. IT is really hard to commit to the kind of effort it takes to make a successful channel.Personally I like Michaelbthe gamegenie's videos and also Metaljesusrocks videos.I only mention them so you can see their appeal. Rock on and don't get discouraged. Rome wasn't built in a day and Elvis was once a truck driver. :-) All the best!

    1. It's funny you mention it, originally the videos I created (going back to 2011/2012) were just for this blog... and not the other way around. They were only added content, but now the YouTube channel is a whole different, independent entity.
      Otherwise, I agree with your comment. I try for one a week, which isn't always possible but I like to think I hit the mark most of the time heh.