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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Video: Harry Potter & the Philosophers/Sorcerers Stone for PSone Review

You've read the book, you watched the movie; but have you played the PlayStation game?


  1. Hi,
    I've had a thought and wondered if you would be interested. I've got a few old Dreamcast games I don't want lying around, and I doubt I could sell them for much. Would you like them free for the show, or even just to add to your collection? It would save them going in the bin. They would probably just have to be sent as the discs and booklets (if you didn't know, the PAL Dreamcast cases are crap, and the hinges break off really easily. I dunno if you got those cases in Oz). As long as the postage to you isn't super high or anything, you'd be welcome to them.

    I'd also be willing to lend you stuff from my actual collection for review as long as you'd be willing to return them lol.

    Anyway, just a thought. Let me know if your interested at kalsolette@gmail.com.