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Monday, June 9, 2014

11,000+ Game Collection for Sale, Nintendo 64 Goodies & Stephen King

You know, he sorta looks like Stephen King
Retro gamers on the internet went wild the other day as the Guinness World Record holder for The "World's Largest Video Game Collection" put up his entire collection for sale. How big is the biggest, you may ask? Eleven thousand. Probably more games than I'll ever care to own and play. On that note, 25% is supposedly still sealed, which isn't surprising since it would take a lifetime to play all those games. 
The record holder cites family needs as the reason for selling, which could mean anything from their need for money to just needing the space; who knows. What is known, however, is that the current bid as of writing is nearly $91,000, with over six days to go. Either way, lots of old games equals sweet, sweet moolah.
If you want to get in on the action you may need to re-mortgage your house (or get a second mortgage depending on how many game collections you've bought previously). There is something for everyone however, ranging from the 3DO to the N*Gage. Check out the bid here [via this Racket Boy Forum post]. 

In other news, I checked out some pawn and op shops today buying four whole items. I know right, I nearly had to think twice about buying my lunch. 

Fortunately for me, none of these items equalled $90,000.
First off I bought Cruis'n USA and Pilot Wings 64 for the N64 for $5 each. Cruis'n USA holds special significance to me as I use to play the arcade version quite a bit in a restaurant I went to regularly as a kid. It's weird that I'm so attached to an arcade version of a game, as arcades were about 10 years before my time. None the less, I use to have a ball playing it every time I went there, and damn, that place had the best Cherry Coke ever. It wasn't the stuff that came out of the can or bottle either but they actually mixed Coke and Cherry syrup there. This was before you could buy it over here in AussieLand you see, and to this day I still think the restaurants version was better. 
Pilotwings 64 is a game I've been looking out for a while. I would have preferred the SNES version to be honest, but for $5 I'm not going to complain.

I checked out a few op shops after that and came out with a N64 Rumble Pak for $6.25, and a Stephen King novel for something like $2.
I've been after a rumble pack for a long time so I gladly bought that, although I have to clean out some leaked batteries at some point.
As for the Stephen King novel, well, I've just really being digging Stephen King lately so I thought I would add it. I read the whole of The Dark Tower series last year, and have just started reading 'Salem's Lot. The thing is, I bought 'Salem's Lot for $20 brand new, and while I don't regret it, I think after today's purchase I'm going to be checking the book section in op shops more often.  

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