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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Last Ever PS2 Game is Released Today

Today is the day, an event 13 years in the making. Throughout the year 2000, the Sony PlayStation 2 was released to great fanfare all over the world. 155 million units later, the last ever game was released today. The milestone game is of course, a generic sports game. FIFA14 may not be the most exciting game around, but the fact there is something being released this late in the consoles life cycle, is amazing non the less.

Funnily enough, the last ever game released on the PSone was FIFA Football 2005, in the October of 2004. That was roughly 10 years after its release, so it's impressive that the PS2 has powered on for those extra couple of years. It makes you think how long the PS3 will last considering we're so close to the release of the PS4. Hopefully the humble PS3's last game won't be FIFA2020-WE-NEVER-CHANGE-THE-GAME-LOL-THAT-WILL-BE-ANOTHER-$80-THANKS.

So I guess all this means we won't be able to classify the PS2 as retro yet. I haven't seen a brand new PS2 for sale for a couple of years though now, and I have no idea where you would buy its version of FIFA14. All I can say is that it's close now, as it will be two generations behind soon. Either way, now is the time to collect PS2 games. They cost peanuts.

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