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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Updates to the Game Room

In the past couple of weeks there have been some devastating developments to my game room.

First off, my ye old faithful AV selector died. I have had that selector for a couple years now, and I was sad to see it go. Since it only cost me $2 from a garage sale originally though, the tears I shredded weren't so wet; not even damp.
Turns out, it's quite hard to find brand new AV selectors in shops these days. I had to look in five different places until I found a decently priced one. In the end I bought a 4-way from Jaycar for $25 (while JB Hi-Fi had pretty much the exact same thing for $50). You can always count on Jaycar when it comes to things like that.

The worst of it though, is that my television also died not long after.
It was a sad day in my household when that happened, very much like a family pet dying. My parents bought that Philips in the early 90's after moving into our current house (a 15" 1980's Sanyo just wasn't going to cut it anymore) and it's been around ever since.
It actually lasted in the lounge room as the main family TV until about 2010, which is quite an accomplishment considering how old it was then. It wasn't long after it had been replaced with an LED that I started up the games room and gave the TV new life. Sadly it will no longer turn on anymore, and while I have basic knowledge when it comes to electronics, I doubt I can fix that when I can't even fix a Game Gear.

The show must go on though, and the TV has been replaced. Luckily for me, analogue television was recently turned off in my area making non-digital TV's redundant for watching actual TV. I managed to scab up this which was no longer wanted or needed:

Fitting brand really, since Magnavox released one of the first ever home consoles, the Odyssey.
You also never really see Magnavox branded anything in Australia either, so I guess me coming across this to put in my games room was meant to be.

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