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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Possibly the Only Game I've Ever Bought From the Salvos

Salvos: Helping certain struggling families get through hard times, such as sport car owners. 

It's no secret the Salvation Army can be a bit hit and miss when it comes to collecting retro games; hell, its always hit and miss. Usually if there are any games, they're way over priced. Most of the time if I come across a Salvos, I just sail right past because there are better places I could be wasting my time looking for decades old video games.
Yesterday I found a store that seemed to be bucking the trends though. There were hardly any games in there but what there was, was affordable. This particular shop is nowhere near where I live; I stopped at a bottleshop next to it yesterday on the way to a family event, and I thought I mind as well check it out. You really don't know until you try, it could be full of $10 Neo-Geo carts for all I know.
There were about 10 odd games for sale, mostly sports games. I emptied all the change out of my wallet and bought this for $2:

For a skateboarding game its quite different from the likes of Tony Hawks Pro Skater, but I'll hopefully get into the specifics of it in a future video review.
It came complete with the instruction manual, and the disk is in a reasonable condition.

Opening the case up revealed this hidden away inside too:

Nice surprise really, I'm always after demo disks to broaden my interest in certain games I wouldn't have given the light of day otherwise. Its from issue 26 of the Official Australian Playstation Magazine.

Moral of the story, always check in places you wouldn't usually. While this game isn't the find of the century, it still interested me enough to buy it. Otherwise I would still be one game short and $2 richer.

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