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Monday, March 19, 2012

Console Storage: A Visualization

A while back I blogged the greater plan for my games room. Right at the bottom of that post I mention that I wanted some kind of permanent storage for the consoles because I didn't like them being on the floor, as this makes them vulnerable.
Today I finally got my shiz together and decided to mock up something in 3DS Max:

I've added low poly, but to scale PlayStation 1's so you can get a sense of how big it will be. 
Believe it or not, I did actually do some measuring around the area where I want it and translated that data into what you see above. It will be positioned right in front of the TV and sound system, and hopefully will be just like that if I can find comparable wood. You can't actually just go to the Bunnings website and look at wood sizes, so I actually have to go into a store, look at the wood, and design it properly from there. In the above design I've made all the wood 2cm thick, the whole thing 4 feet long (122cm) and there are 7cm gaps between shelves. I made it 7cm because it seems to be the perfectly sized space for putting in carts and disks, while not making the shelf too high. I still need to be able to easily access the sound system controls under the TV.
It's hard to tell in the above render, but I've designed all the separate objects to be the actual sized bits of wood which I have to cut up. I plan to join it all up with screws in the right places, as well as wood glue. This is how I did it when I built stuff in high school, and it always made the object quite sturdy. I will also probably put felt on the bottom so I can easily slide it if need be.
I'm very excited that I'm finally getting somewhere with this. Soon I'll go into a hardware store, measure up the wood properly and make up a proper plan. I'll blog another post about this when I have that all worked out.


  1. Glad you are back to blogging. Keep it up! and good luck

  2. I'm glad that people care :D And thanks.